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Hans Zimmer in a legendary party: Dubai is a jewel and the future is here

Amidst a full attendance at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, which can accommodate nearly 17,000 spectators, the Dubai audience was, the night before last, on a date with a legendary concert that bears all the vocabulary of amazement, by the international composer Hans Zimmer, within the activities of the last week of the festival. Dubai Shopping in its 28th session, which reached its last stop today. And to the sound of a singer wearing a dress posing as if she was coming from the middle of the desert, a giant screen was raised covering the stage and the band playing, marking the start of Zimmer’s first concert in the Middle East, which bears the characteristics of dazzling in terms of music and visual effects and the accompanying singing and dancing.

The first moments of the ceremony were enough to provide a dazzling introduction to what awaits the audience with the multi-award-winning musician, whose tunes generations know through the most famous films whose music he composed. Zimmer gave a show that lasted about three hours, in which he collected his most prominent works, including: “The Lion King”, “The Gladiator”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Dark Knight”, completing the concert with compositions that he did not perform at the “Hans Zimmer Live” concerts. previous.

After the first repertoire, Zimmer said, addressing the Dubai audience: “I came here last December to announce the concert and start preparing for it, and I really realized this gem and the splendor of this city.” He added: “I traveled to many cities, but I can say that the future is here. This is happening because of the infrastructures that structure society economically, culturally, artistically and architecturally. This integrated picture creates the future.” This was not the only word for Zimmer during the concert, as the international musician did not hesitate to share many stories about the scenes of his famous works and preparation for them, or even about the stories of the musicians in the band, as he was keen to introduce them to the audience, especially those who performed as soloists such as cellist Tina Jo.

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Different rhythms carried by the concert, which is based on the integration of music elements with visual effects and lighting, as the audience traveled with Zimmer to ancient civilizations and several cultures, from Japan to Africa, which had its own impact in the last part of the ceremony, as African drummers were distributed among the audience, And surprise him with lively instrumentals.

Zimmer’s concert featured many musical performances, the most prominent of which was the singer Lisa Gerrard, who presented more than one song with her sweet voice, along with the lead singer of the band, Lipo Morak. The concert concluded with music and songs that brought together all the band members, both musicians and singers, on stage.

It is noteworthy that Zimmer made a second presentation yesterday, within the framework of the “Dubai Presents” marketing campaign, which was launched by the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, in partnership with “RCI Global” and “Ink Executive Vision”.

German musician:

• “I came to Dubai last December to announce the ceremony and start preparing for it, and I really realized the magnificence of this city.”

Influences.. and astonishment escalates

Musician Hans Zimmer’s evening in Dubai carried many effects that were escalating with astonishment, as they were an integral part of the ceremony, most notably the paragraph in which the stage was plunged into darkness, and the sounds scattered through the speakers in the space of the theater were distorted, as the lighting manipulated and the screens malfunctioned and then played The music of “Paul’s Dream from Dion”. An acrobatic show was also presented to the sound of soft music, to add to the aesthetics of the visual effects of the party.

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