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Harry and Megan Honor Fighters - Al Watan Saudi Newspaper

Harry and Megan Honor Fighters – Al Watan Saudi Newspaper

Derek Johnson, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colorful People (NAACP), said Prince Harry and his wife Megan will receive the prestigious Civil Rights Award.

The Guardian quotes Johnson as saying that Harry and Megan have responded to calls for social justice and have joined the fight for justice in the United States and around the world, so both will be honored in recognition of their work to help. Promoting Shelter for Women in Texas and Equality. To get the “Govit-19” vaccine.

Appreciate their effort

Harry and Megan, in a statement, expressed their appreciation for the award: “It is a real honor for Derek Johnson and the NAACP to recognize our efforts.”

Earlier, a government expert criticized Harry for attacking his legal case, saying he wanted to protect the police while he was in the UK because he felt insecure.

Ingrid Seaward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, explained that Prince Harry had told the High Court that he and his family were in a precarious position in the UK and needed police protection when they returned home. “Harry should not be the king of high office now, he should expect protection, and he should expect the paparazzi to follow him because of his media work.

To the question, “J. With me. Regarding why Harry is worried, Seward says: “Well, Prince Harry says it’s not safe to bring his family here because he did not have police protection when he last became an ordinary citizen,” and: Why should he do so according to the “Express” ?! “

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