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حسن شاكوش

Hassan Shakoush: My crisis with the union is almost over, and my next work is another need | news

Festival singer Hassan Shakoush said that he expects his suspension from the Syndicate of Musical Professions to end soon.

Hassan Shakoush explained, in statements to the “MBC Trending” program, that he submitted a petition to the union, and it was accepted and is currently being considered, stressing that he is optimistic about the future.

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Shakoush added that he spoke with some union officials, who told him: “There is a mistake that is not repeated, and you remained a star in a good place and a role model for many young people, so it does not help young people to see you like this.”

He stressed that he promises the public not to repeat the mistakes of the past and added: “I promise them in the next period that they will see a very good job from me and different needs.”

Turning to talk about his future works that he intends to present after lifting the suspension from the union, he said: “He worked with many songs with big stars in the next period.”

Hassan Shakoush indicated that he is cooperating in his upcoming songs with Mahmoud Al-Laithi and Tariq Al-Sheikh, along with success partners Omar Kamal and Hamo Beka, as well as the Sharmoofers band.

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