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Hassan Youssef: The statement of kisses is "distorted", and if I were with the same awareness, I would not have presented these scenes

Hassan Youssef: The statement of kisses is “distorted”, and if I were with the same awareness, I would not have presented these scenes

In his first response to what was raised about his statements about artistic kisses, the great artist said Hassan Youssef He did not read what was published about these statements, and was surprised by contacts inquiring about the truth of what he said.

And the great artist explained in exclusive statements to the seventh day, saying: “I take pranks from many young people who pretend to be journalists and talk to me on the phone and I reply to them, I will break their minds, and then I am surprised that they wrote any words and attributed to me statements that I did not declare.”

And during the past hours, some statements attributed to the artist, Hassan Youssef, spread about his opinion of artistic kisses, claiming that he said: “Kisses on my days had no taste and were devoid of feelings, and we rinsed their mouths afterwards, and therefore they are not considered forbidden.”

The great artist confirmed to the seventh day that he never talks about halal and haram because he is not a specialist in religion, but he said that kisses in the cinema were and still do not carry any feelings, and they are like water, neither color nor taste, so how on the filming site, which includes dozens of workers from Director, technicians and actors: Can the kiss carry any feelings?

And the great artist said: “If I were with the same religious awareness that I have reached now, I would not have presented the scenes of kisses, but at that time we were in the stage of spread during which the artist is a machine in the director’s hand, and he moves it as he wants, and we could not refuse the scenes.”

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He continued, “Now that I have matured technically and after my artistic history and the religious works I presented, I do not accept that any of my works include scenes of kisses.” Technical.

The great artist Hassan Youssef stressed that after his statements were distorted, he will not make any statements to any journalist unless he sees his membership card in the Journalists Syndicate, in order to ensure that he does not impersonate a journalist, and that what he said will not be distorted.