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Hatem Fahmy presents his latest song "Tofot Seneen" .. Video

Hatem Fahmy presents his latest song “Tofot Seneen” .. Video

Thank you for reading the news about Hatem Fahmy releasing his latest song, “Tofot Seneen” .. a video and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – Singer Hatem Fahmy released his latest songs on the famous video site “YouTube”, which bears the name “Tofot Senen”, written and composed by Omar El-Sherbiny and distributed by the Latin Gabriel Dominic.

Hatem expressed his happiness for his cooperation in his new song with the Latin distributor Gabriel Domenech to enrich the music and add the required musical diversity.

The lyrics of the song “Tofot Seneen” read:

I miss years, I ask you

I have the right to know what factor after me

If I had to, I knew you I forgot

I completed my normal life after me

I know how to forget years

I will be normal in the blink of an eye

That’s how easily he will build and refuse to come back to me

All that you and I live

Against me, I do not know a woman

I still mean our picture while you said goodbye.

In a lot of words, I’m Shayla Lake

It was a coincidence that I brought us together and told you

I didn’t know how to live while you were away

Surely we did not have many people who went and told you

Singer Hatem Fahmy recently released a song on the popular YouTube video site, “His Sweet Spirit”, written by Ezz El-Din, distributed by Walid Sharaki and composed by Abdel Rahman Hassan.

And earlier, last year, the singer Hatem Fahmy released the song “Malkatsh Rahati” and “Taqeel Wa Hadi”, which he filmed as a video clip, and was filmed in a place in the Heliopolis region, which is the same as the main song of the album, which is written and composed by Omar El Sherbini and distributed Walid Charaki.

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Hatem Fahmy collaborates in his new album with a large number of music makers, as he collaborates with a number of poets, including Ibrahim Sheta, Omar Yahya, Omar El-Sherbiny and Rabie El-Sioufy, and among the composers Karim Mohsen and Omar El-Sherbiny. Hussein, Mina, Ahmed Abdel Salam, Walid Sharaki and Mohamed Ramy.