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Have you seen SuperFull today?  We do - here are the pictures

Have you seen SuperFull today? We do – here are the pictures

Superfull is referred to when the moon finds itself at the full moon and later on the so-called ground floor, that is, closest to Earth, which in this case means “only” 357,373 kilometers. And this is the day.

People lucky enough to not be affected by the sight of the moon can watch it in the night sky like an orange or even a pink grapefruit hovering over an endless space.

This isn’t a book cover from Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry collection, it’s a pink or orange (if you like) moon April 26, 2021.Source: Deník / Lukáš Kabo

“But the problem is that in April 2021, the combination of the smallest distance and the moon will be visible only during the day. After the moon rises above our horizon, it will be full and the moon will move away. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere will be happier,” says professional server .

It also indicates that the numbers at a distance from the moon should not forget the dimensions of the Earth itself. This minimum distance applies to the geometric centers of the Earth and the Moon.

“If we see the” super “moon just rising above the horizon, it will be approximately 6400 km away from us than if it had just reached its zenith above our heads. So the ideal situation would be for the full moon and the terrestrial Earth of the Moon to have occurred in the middle of the night of our era. However, In the near future, such a combination is not happening in our country, ”explains the server.

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A scene from the Adams family ...A scene from the Adams family …Source: Deník / Lukáš Kabo

We will be a little closer to high performance than we were in April of this year and in May of this year, but unfortunately also only during the day. So, if you want to wait for a clearly visible and clearly visible super completion, you have another opportunity on June 14, 2022, August 31, 2023, and October 17, 2024.