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Havelov also went to Croatia: a magic phone scattered in the Adriatic

Havelov also went to Croatia: a magic phone scattered in the Adriatic

Although critics did not like the Slovak romantic comedy Happy New Year, it clearly scored in the audience. Dagmar Havlov (68) also plays Rebek Vilnerov as sexologist Rebecca Vilnerov. Here, with you, currently residing in Croatia, where it was not very easy at first, during the festive season, in the end, only the ovens settled, so the first lady was invited for a city tour.

Should anyone drive around your phone booth? Or are they all completely removed? pd se Dagmar HavelovWho went to Croatia with you and the actors to share in the Happy New Year.

There, of course, he was enchanted by the clear Adriatic Sea and picturesque city ambiance, perhaps to get more excitement for an ordinary telephone booth, a rarity in the Czech Republic.

And she goes around somewhere, takes a picture of me, please, and flies to the first picture. decoji, asked the actress with a beautiful day, who was able to reveal that the horse had settled during the horse and that the sun had risen in Croatia after a series of slow horse days.

But Havel may not have spoiled the mood. Her day was overcast in mascara, from which she posted one of the moments that upset her friends and fans. Mr. Dagmar looks like a little bird not even twenty! No wonder she received her praise from actresses, and last but not least her best friends Eva Holopov and Katina Keri Hatchovkov or musician and director Flav Kupta.

And that was because handmade business cards, or an appropriately chosen filter, the first lady in the photo looked great. As part of the role he plays in the Slovak film, this is definitely not the case, quite the contrary.

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meet please! Sexekoloka Rebeka Fellnerov in a new movie. We wish you a lovely sunday evening, She recently revealed the new role of Havel.

The film, which features a number of famous Slovak stars, including Emlie Vryov, Tni Pauhofov or Jna Kolenka, will be released on January 20, 2022.