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Havlíček says the EET is a modern tool for the 21st century.  According to Bartosz, digitization should be taken even further - ČT24 - Czech Television

Havlíček says the EET is a modern tool for the 21st century. According to Bartosz, digitization should be taken even further – ČT24 – Czech Television

Havlíček said digitization is being introduced in the Czech Republic gradually. “We are not able to fix everything in a few years. The average person is not interested in tidying up.” He mentioned the benefits of, for example, the My Taxes tool, the Social Security Administration portal, electronic highway stamps, a digital driver’s license, an electronic prescription, or an electronic disability card. “Let’s look at the bank identity, six and a half million people can use it,” he added.

I do not deny the success of some digitization projects. It is true that they have some ground-breaking beginnings, but Czech digitization is going somewhere? asked Bartosz, who is sponsoring digitization in the new government. He also pointed out that the idea of ​​digitization in some departments is that everything is solved by a data box. But it is not digitization, he said.

Bartosz: Dzorella will stay

Former Prime Minister Andrei Babis (ANO) created the position of Government Commissar for Digitization, which was held by Vladimir Dzorilla. According to the Prime Minister, he resigned after the change of government, saying that he did not want to cooperate with the new formation; Dzurilla himself denied this.

However, the fact remains that his position in the administration of the new state will disappear. According to Bartosz, it does not make sense, so he wants to discuss the abolition of this position at a government meeting. “The position of Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization has been created, and it will be a repeat post. I spoke with Dzorilla about this and I want to continue with him,” Bartosz announced. Dzorilla praised the fact that he is still actively involved in the digitization process in the Czech Republic, agreeing on a new form of mutual cooperation, according to the Deputy Prime Minister.

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According to Havlíček, EET is a tool of the 21st century

In terms of digitization, Havlíček also advocated the Electronic Registry of Sales (EET). According to him, it is a modern instrument of the twenty-first century. “Part of the government says that this tool, which is already in many countries, will be scrapped despite the fact that entrepreneurs do not welcome it completely,” he said, noting that according to some self-employed people, EET has leveled the business environment.

But Bartos doesn’t think so. Bartosz disagrees with Papis’ argument that more was collected in taxes. According to him, more choices were made for professions for which EET was not offered. He added, “The effect on tax collection is controversial in my opinion, or rather the argument is incorrect.” He noted that the hackers were for EET. However, Havlíček does not agree with this and says that it is the same as if it were a voluntary electronic road sign.

Česko.Digital CEO and Together and Digital Platform representative Eva Pavlíková said in the questions that the Czech Republic lacks executive power, that is, the implementation of implementation steps. “You need competent employees who understand what digitization is. It is not just a matter of electronicization, i.e. converting a paper form into an electronic form, but a simplification of the service for the citizen so that he understands it as something that brings him value as a benefit and at the same time increases credibility with the state.”

According to Pavlikova, digital services should be created with citizens, and they see large reserves there, too. “If we want to make digitalization long-term and sustainable, we need to invest in human capital, not only in technical professions, but also in administrators. This means teaching administrators how to simplify services,” she added.

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However, according to Havlíček, it will not be possible to manage everything without changing the relevant law. “We knew it simply at the time. We tried to simplify or centralize everything. While we reduced the numbers, today we have additional resorts. What I did today is three ministers who will have five to six political representatives and I did not have one.”

“The reasons are completely different. I refuse to judge the quality of work according to how much one is worth. You have to be able to build a team around you. If we have a poorly prepared (EU) presidency here, which is waiting for the Czech Republic, it is quite appropriate to put someone else in it,” Bartosz replied. And you’ll come back to us a hundred times.”