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Havlicic said the government may offer some compensation to companies from December.  According to him, it would also be necessary to enhance the ability to clean

Havlicic said the government may offer some compensation to companies from December. According to him, it would also be necessary to enhance the ability to clean

Havlíček added that the government will not decide on compensation on Monday, because it must agree with the trade unions on the criteria for entering the programmes. “This means what to prove from a decrease in sales and for what period. Before that we compared it to 2019, now you will need to update and compare it to past months, for example. But I don’t want to make such a final decision now.”

The expiration of recognition of antigen tests, for example, can affect attendance at restaurants or cultural events. ODS Vice President Martin Kupka responded by saying that it was appropriate to negotiate with the entrepreneurs.

According to Havlíček, compensation bonus for self-employed people or reimbursement for uncovered costs, or even anti-virus, can be considered from specific programs. Havlicek also mentioned that the state has so far spent about 340 billion kroner on supporting companies and entrepreneurs with regard to measures to combat COVID-19.

According to him, the compensation programs are prepared and approved in any case by the European Commission, but now the government must agree to launch them. If that happens, he can imagine they could be used as early as December.

The government is set to approve the end of recognition of antigen and self-tests on Monday, and only the most reliable PCR tests should be recognized from December. The health minister resigned with a team from the Future Government’s coalition, Anti-Covid, which agreed to the measure over the weekend.

According to Havlíček, this is a critical step to motivate the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. At the same time, he and Kopka refused the mass testing in companies or the closure of the unvaccinated, provided by Austria, for the current situation.

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Havlíček said that thanks to the Land initiative, it will be necessary to strengthen health capabilities

According to Havlíček, due to the Golden Pin initiative of singer Daniel Landa, which called for the overcrowding of regional hygiene stations (KHS), it will now be necessary to strengthen the capacities of health personnel.

According to Friday’s statement from Secretary Adam Voich (for YES), the Department of Health is filing a criminal complaint on suspicion of vandalism on its own initiative. The initiative called for the KHS to be flooded with requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act. Voich said Friday that about 10,000 similar requests arrived at sewage stations after Land’s call.

The online initiative on Monday invited overwhelming hygienists. The state’s Smart Quarantine team said on Twitter that its goal is all the capabilities to track coronavirus cases. Landa told that people only want information.

“If we promote cleanliness, they will go one hundred percent and then purposefully send there, and I’m not afraid to tell witches, to deliberately ask questions to delay them, and deliberately email them so they can’t check, so for now it’s not about hygiene failing or the state going to fail. ,” Havlíček confirmed in the OVM.

“We have one choice. Thanks to these nuts, we have to promote the hygiene of hundreds of people to start walking the field and checking and at the same time dealing with these nonsensical questions.” Havlicic did not say how many people should increase his ability. Kupka added that the capacity of call centers to trace contacts of people infected with the Coronavirus should be strengthened, including through the involvement of the commercial sphere.

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The Golden Pin Initiative called the government’s actions to slow the current rapid increase in the number of infected, hospitalized and unconstitutional deaths in a call titled “Let’s Immediately Flood In Cleanliness.” “We therefore ask each of you to ask the KHS calmly and frequently about the inspections going on. The work of the hygiene stations in preparing the answers for you will surely be more beneficial to our citizens than the foolish bullying of self-employed people, service providers and their clients.” It then provides a detailed description of how to request information on the site. Landa has criticized the state’s actions against the pandemic in the past.

For example, hygienists in South Bohemia said on Wednesday they had received hundreds of email inquiries from supporters of the initiative. “These are questions like: Where did you check on November 8, what did you do on November 9, etc. Ten such questions would come to us from one email address. These are really crippling questions, but we must answer them according to the Freedom of Information Act ”, said the Director of Health Experts in South Bohemia, Kvitoslava Koterpova.

Medical guilds criticized Earth’s work. “Attacking the exhausted staff of the hygiene service is disgusting and threatens not only the performance of the hygiene service, an indispensable body for the protection of public health, but also the health and life of citizens,” the health and social welfare union of the Czech Republic said on Thursday.

KHS has been busier than before due to the Covid pandemic. In addition to the usual agenda, such as inspections of catering facilities or occupational safety, they are involved in tracing infected contacts or monitoring compliance with epidemic control measures.

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