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Hazaa and Sultan: Our date with a new success in 2023

Hazaa and Sultan: Our date with a new success in 2023

  • 5 preparatory years for the two astronauts at “Yuri Gagarin” and “NASA”

Dubai: Yamama Badwan

Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi, the two Emirati astronauts, confirmed that after a few months, specifically in the spring of 2023, the country will have a new success in space.

This came in a video clip broadcast by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center on Twitter on the third anniversary of the first Emirati mission to the International Space Station.

Al Neyadi said: “Three years ago, Hazza launched, and the hearts of the people of the Emirates were on the launch pad with Hazza, and on September 25, 2019, Hazza launched into space and participated in the reserve crew, but in 2023 our date is with a new mission.”

In turn, Al-Mansoori said: “After a few months, and in 2023, my brother Sultan will undertake the first long-term mission for Arab astronauts, and in 2023 Sultan will launch and I will be part of the reserve crew. Our date is with a new success, God willing.”

Al Neyadi is preparing for the first long-term Emirati mission aboard the International Space Station in the spring of 2023, as part of the American space agency “NASA” and “SpaceX” Crew-6 mission, during which he will conduct many in-depth and advanced scientific experiments, as part of the “Emirates Program.” For Astronauts” to train and prepare a team of Emirati astronauts, and send them into space to carry out various scientific missions.

experiments and research

Al Neyadi will embark on his long-term trip to the International Station as part of a team of 4 main astronauts, including Stephen Bowen and Warren Hoburg, with the aim of conducting a series of experiments and research and reaching important scientific results about outer space.

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Al Neyadi and Al Mansouri spent 5 years preparatory for long-term human spaceflight, during which they underwent extensive training until they recently received the astronaut badge from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. exercises at the “Yuri Gagarin” Cosmonaut Training Center in the Star City in Moscow; They also received training in Houston, Texas, and Cologne in Germany, as part of partnership agreements with major space agencies, namely NASA, the European Agency “ESA” and the Japanese “JAXA”.

training program

The two astronauts underwent a training program in all sections and units of the International Station, to be trained on how to use the devices and equipment inside, and training in emergency situations, which may occur on board the International Station. On the 10kg spacesuit and how to wear it in a zero-gravity environment, they also completed training in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, and completed theoretical classes and hands-on exercises on a T-38 aircraft, among others.

Historic Journey

Hazza Al Mansouri, launched on September 25, 2019 on a historic mission, bearing the slogan “Zayed’s Ambition” to be the first Arab Emirati astronaut to perform a mission aboard the International Station, which represented a milestone in the history of the UAE, and lasted for 8 days, during which he conducted 16 scientific experiments. In cooperation with international space agencies, aboard the International Space Station.

In an unprecedented achievement, Al-Mansoori recorded the first introductory tour in Arabic of the International Space Station, where he explained the components of the station, the devices and equipment on board, in addition to an overview of the daily lives of astronauts on board the station. He also recorded several short videos, documenting life on board the International Space Station and its components, in addition to the activities carried out by the astronauts, and recording his diaries for 15 minutes every day, while Al-Mansoori briefed his fellow astronauts on board the station, on the most prominent Emirati customs and traditions, Among them is our eating habits, by inviting them to eat Emirati food.

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