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HC DYNAMO PARDUBICE - Hockey and Chill.  Camara and Robertson enjoy Czech to the fullest

HC DYNAMO PARDUBICE – Hockey and Chill. Camara and Robertson enjoy Czech to the fullest

In Canada, they were born with a hockey stick in their hands, which led them all the way to Pardubice. Their careers have developed differently, but you will find many similar qualities with them. Anthony Camara and Dennis Robertson are like brothers at times, and they team up for the second time in their careers.

How Canadians Bardubies remember their hockey past and why the National Hockey League didn’t work out for them. What other sports do they excel in? Or do you want to know something about his childhood? And who among them loves Czech beer? It may seem too rough on the ice, but when Canadians relax, fun and interesting answers are provided. You will find out everything in an interview with them In the current issue of Dynamo magazine.

North American culture is relatively close to European culture. However, I wonder what made the move to Europe more difficult for you?
AC: The only obstacle is the language. And now I do not think about the cabin or on the snowboard, everything is fine there. But for example in a store or restaurant, it happens that a person does not know English. This is perhaps the biggest change for us. At the same time, if everyone here spoke English, we would just feel right at home, in some small Canadian or American town. The environment is exactly the same.
Doctor: Sometimes it’s hard with language, it’s one hundred percent harder for us. Everything else is just slight differences.

Do you understand at least a little Czech?
Doctor: I learned some basic phrases to be able to ask or thank. I could say a few more simple words, but I still have a long way to go to order it in a restaurant.

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How are you, Anthony?
AC: Denis definitely learned more words than I did, and unfortunately I can’t speak Czech.
Doctor: It is necessary to say that the Czech language is not really easy for foreigners. (He laughs)

Anthony has been playing in Pardubice for over a year, so did Denis, at least help you settle, if not with the Czechs?
Doctor: Sure, during the early days he took me through the city and showed me interesting places. So, for example, various restaurants, important places in the center or train station. He helped me a lot, thanks to which I was able to better orient myself in Pardubice.

If we generalize, are you missing something in the Czech Republic? Anthony, you mentioned in an interview with PUK that you missed Canadian food.
AC: This way, I love Czech food. I meant it a little differently – I come from Toronto, which is a big city where you can find many different types of gastronomy. So it’s more about the width of the selection. As Canadians, we don’t have any special meals, except maybe turkey for Christmas and Thanksgiving. And to the food here, I would add that each country is unique. Each has its own mix and slightly different culture, even if you only compare the Czech Republic with Germany. I love this difference and learning new things.
Doctor: Yes, I agree with that. I enjoy Czech food and there are also many international restaurants in Pardubice. Overall, I don’t think we’re missing anything here.

Why do you think the big dream of the NHL didn’t work out for you? (They are already laughing in the middle of the question)
AC: If I knew the answer to this question, I would make more money because I could earn a living as a clairvoyant. (He laughs)

So you don’t know at all?
AC: We weren’t good enough, and we’ll never know why they didn’t check us out.
Doctor: It’s also about being in the right place at the right time.
AC: At an important moment, we may not have had the qualities we needed. It’s complicated, some players have played in the NHL, but only for a few games. It’s very hard to stay there, so you have to be really good, and you have to have something extra compared to the others. There are a few talented hockey players on each team, but the others are basically hardworking workers who have to work and win everything.

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On the other hand, you did everything to succeed, so you probably don’t have to worry, right?
AC: A little bit of regret will definitely stay with you. But at least four factors play a role. The first is timing, the second is the team’s position in the table, the third is the salary cap and the fourth is one-way contracts. So you have a lot of variables that influence the decisions of the responsible people. And in order to succeed, everything must come together.

Cool, I think we talked a lot. Thanks for taking the time…
AC: you are welcome. But make sure we look good in that conversation! (He laughs)
Doctor: Not that you put in the headline that we were so bad for the NHL. (He laughs) This was a really tough question, you should ask others too, I’d be very interested in how the Czech boys answer.
(Ondřej Roman walks past the Canadians)
Doctor: Ah, that’s Roman! Hey, Ondro, what are you saying? Why didn’t you enter the NHL? How do you feel? (everyone laughs)
Ondrej Roman: I feel totally fine.
Doctor: It feels normal…that’s exactly what I should have answered, it would be easier. (He laughs)

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