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He broke secrecy, Mosca’s lawyers accused Twitter of fake accounts

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man according to Forbes magazine, wrote, “I just got a call from Twitter’s legal department to complain about a breach of their confidentiality agreement when it revealed that the sample size for checking shoes (fake accounts) is 100!” Sunday morning on social networking sites Twitter.

Friday catch She saidThat the agreement to buy Twitter for $44 billion (about 1 trillion kroner) is “temporarily suspended”. It is awaiting details that support accounts that fake social networking accounts actually account for less than five percent of users, according to Twitter.

The company stated that it currently has 229 million users who can view ads to them, which is a very important metric for the platform. However, Twitter has always had a problem with automated fake accounts. The future owner of the social network plans to go around with them.

On Friday, Musk added that his team would test a “random sample of 100 followers” on Twitter to confirm the accounts of the fake accounts.

“This is the same sample that Twitter uses to account for less than 5 percent of fake/spam/duplicate accounts,” Musk said of one user.

On Sunday morning, Musk added on Twitter that he had yet to see any analysis showing that Twitter had that low share of fake accounts, later adding that “there is a certain chance that it’s more than 90 percent of daily active users.”

“Very strange,” he wrote, “only 2% of today’s active users liked the most popular tweet ever.”

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musk It agreed to acquire Twitter last month. The billionaire had previously called for “spam software to be defeated” and also for several other changes to be made, including the restoration of some canceled accounts, Including a bill by former US President Donald Trump.