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He claimed to mediate between Shikabala and Al-Ahly .. Who is the artist that the leader of Zamalek talked about with Amr Adib?

He claimed to mediate between Shikabala and Al-Ahly .. Who is the artist that the leader of Zamalek talked about with Amr Adib?

Abdullah Qadri

Posted on: Monday, September 6, 2021 – 11:11 am | Last update: Monday, September 6, 2021 – 11:11 am

A hashtag was issued in the name of the artist Ahmed Fahmy, the social networking site Twitter, after the statements of Zamalek club captain Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, on the Al-Hekaya program broadcast on MBC Egypt.

Shikabala had been a guest on Saturday evening on the Hekaya program, and he talked about the crowning of Zamalek in the league, and the famous crisis that occurred with the President of the Football Association Ahmed Mujahid after the coronation, and the subsequent imposition of an 8-month suspension sentence on the Zamalek star, in addition to his tense relations with Al-Ahly fans .

During his speech, Shikabala said that there are those who issue a “false image” that did not happen, including what an Ahlawi artist said that Shikabala asked him to mediate to play in Al-Ahly Club, and Shikabala responded to that that this did not happen, “If I wanted to go back to Al-Ahly, I would have called Imad Miteb or Hossam Ghaly because they are my friends,” he said.

Who is the artist that Shikabala is referring to?

After Shikabala’s talk, the name of the artist Ahmed Fahmy was at the forefront of the list of the most popular hashtags on Twitter.

The reason for the dispute between the captain of Zamalek and Fahmy is due to the events that occurred at the end of last year’s super match between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, in which the white team excelled on penalties, as clashes occurred between the players of the two teams, interspersed with a mutual attack between Shikabala and Al-Ahly fans in the heart of the stadium, and signals were issued The fans of the red team angered.

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After the match, the arguments turned on “Social Media” between Shikabala and Ahmed Fahmy, who wrote after the end of the match on Twitter, criticizing Shikabala’s actions towards Al-Ahly fans, and said, “You, Shikabala, are riding a punt at the Zamalek club account and treat yourself as Zamalek and you were talking to me when it failed.” Your professionalism in Portugal and I wanted to return to Al-Ahly Club .. and you contacted me and spoke to me more than once to communicate with Al-Ahly club officials.

In his interview with Amr Adib, Shikabala denied what Fahmy said and said that he did not like to comment on his speech, until the matter between them developed into a violent argument last October, which occurred at the wedding of Sherif Mounir, a former member of the Zamalek club board of directors.

Stories were scattered about the reasons for the argument that occurred at the wedding between them, and what was said about that is that Mustafa Al-Ammari, Shikabala’s friend and Fahmy tried to reconcile between them due to the Super Match crisis, but Shikabala reprimanded Fahmy for his previous publication, so Fahmy refused to blame at that time, Shikabala said: You make a mistake on the social media.” Fahmy replied: “You made a mistake about people who belong to me,” in reference to Al-Ahly’s fans, and the matter developed into an argument between them until the audience intervened and broke up the conflict, as the artist’s business manager Ahmed Fahmy said in previous statements.

After that, Fahmy published a picture of him next to the Al-Ahly club logo, and wrote in his comment on the photo through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, “I am not a representative of the people. Shikabala returns and talks about the famous crisis between them in his dialogue with Amr Adib.

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It is worth noting that the artist Ahmed Fahmy is one of the juniors of Al-Ahly Club, and he once published, through his account on the “Instagram” website, a picture of him with his teammates, and said that he was training under the leadership of Captain Fawzy Scotty and Captain Mufti Ibrahim.