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He described it as a song by Amr Diab … Tarek El-Arian celebrates Nicole Saafan’s birthday | news

Director and producer Tariq Al-Arian celebrated the birthday of Syrian model Nicole Saafan, and published a picture of her for the first time on his Instagram account.

Nicole Saafan’s face did not appear in the photo, and Tariq Al-Arian only wished her a happy birthday, using the song of the artist Amr Diab, writing: “You are luck.”

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While Nicole Saafan published pictures from her birthday, which was attended by a group of friends, including the journalist Khaled Salah and his media wife, Sherihan Abu Al-Hassan.



Al-Arian and Nicole’s relationship began with the preparation for the second part of the movie “Welad Rizk”, Nicole Saafan, a Syrian girl who seeks to achieve her dream of acting, and took advantage of the opportunity to search for new faces in the film and actually participated in it, but she was not lucky to occupy a large space at work.


Nicole has already appeared in the famous concert scene, but with simple clips, and from here came the beginning of her acquaintance with the director of the work, Tariq Al-Arian.


But the matter of Nicole and Al-Arian did not end after “Wlad Rizk 2”, and a strong friendship erupted between them, and the days passed and rumors of betrayal and separation began surrounding Asala and her ex. From the stars away from the film, but the identity of this actress has not been clearly and explicitly identified.

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