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"He goes for coins and loses a leg."  How did the Russian occupiers get into the Ukrainian trap?

“He goes for coins and loses a leg.” How did the Russian occupiers get into the Ukrainian trap?

Not only defense, Ukrainian soldiers are on the offensive. He claims that they managed to liberate the village in the Kyiv region and destroy a number of Russian armored vehicles. On March 15, a Radio Free Europe reporter set out to investigate the fallout from the battle.

They fought for several days. Then the Russians surrounded the Ukrainians. | Video: Radio Free Europe

Abandoned Russian vehicles full of mines, a stationary tank with a torn belt, outposts of Russian soldiers. The Ukrainians show the camera everything that remains after the battle for several days.

“This column came to support their main forces. We attacked them for several days. On the third day we managed to drive the enemy out of the village. We got to their backs and mined them and they fell into our trap. They had to retreat to their original positions,” said one of the soldiers in the devastating Russian technology.

In addition, according to the Ukrainian army, the damage to some vehicles is not serious, so the Ukrainians will be able to repair and use them.

Coins also show their coins instantly. “Maybe they took whatever was left of the cash registers in the stores. Did they want to buy something, or were they just prizes? I don’t know.

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