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He got an evolution from two months’ training in the United States, in preparation for the Olympiad in response to the Games and other sports

Prague The postponed Olympic matches are behind two non-peak sports. Czech boat rider Josef Dostel is no exception, as he currently wanders from a two-month training camp in the United States. He will travel to Tokyo in the form of a life, and in addition, he has got rid of World of Warships, where he managed to clear his head.

In Tokyo, one of the biggest hopes for an Olympic medal would be, and to turn the invested stadium into a precious metal, he went to California for two months. But Nron Dina paid off.

Ctm was so tired, and it was a really long two months. We did a lot really, but there were crises. On the other hand, I would say, I will say, very good condition, also a hundred, when I relax a little and can fly on top, the tired athlete reveals.

He’s got to California for a while now, and he goes there regularly back in the day. We come here every year, sometimes twice. There are good conditions for us, we are in the south in San Diego, where the weather is not very hot and it is perfect for the slopes. And in the sports center where we are, there is a very good environment for us, the three-time world champion explained, because he chose a city famous for him to prepare for the Olympic Games.

Joy Joseph Dost

The 28-year-old boat driver has known for some time that he will be under the gaze of Czech fans, who promise him a profit from the precious metal. The first Olympic gold medal in his collection of faults. This year, it was the darkest year ever. Since the end of the season, I’ve traveled more than 2,000 kilometers, which is a lot more, I’ve never had a season before. Of course, I will have the best level, I will be here, perhaps, and in the Tokyo riots, in.

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Ambition is highest, after a break, that he will be strong and strong enough to fight for the medal. I’ll get a medal there, a two-bronze and one silver winner from the previous Olympics.

As elsewhere, in sunny California, he had to follow a number of hygiene measures. But CM admitted that they are more difficult. Here in America it is not provided as much as in the Czech Republic. It is also possible that there is a slightly different climate. We had to follow noen rouek on the way to Trnink, we took them from our area and after boarding the ship. We couldn’t go to the center in the dining room, and had to take the food with us. Other than that, he said, there haven’t been major changes for days.

During the day, the bag wasn’t just about preparations. He has spent his spare time on the strategy video game World of Warships, which he collaborated with. M rd is basically a strategy game, in which WOWs mix perfectly. In addition, it is played with boats near the canoe. I think it’s on the water, moreover, it’s a strategy game, not very simple, if you want to be on time. “MM rd emotion and here is a full-time reflection.”

For video games the first answer. I play when I need to turn away from the outside world and rest my head on the thorns.

On board a ship, he will be with Russian hockey player Alexander Ofkin and actor Steven Seagal, who have collaborated with World of Warship on two. If they wanted, I would have escorted them to my ship. Although it would be nice to hit them, the ovens are not just one day, but being with them on the same ship is a good thing, he laughed at the mystery of Dostel.

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