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He had nuclear reactors in the United States to combat climate change. They should be built in cities where coal-fired power plants are located

The Sequoia Nuclear Power Plant near Sattanuka is one of seven old nuclear power plants operated by DVA. It is now introducing small modular furnaces.
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In the wooded area of ​​the Tennessee River near the town hall, 40 people laugh at the American folk music Nashville Mecca, but at the foot of the Clinch plot, it gains insight into the history of the nuclear worlds. The Federal Corporation of Tennessee Valley Authority (DVA) for this area is the first in the United States to obtain preliminary approval to build a power plant from small modular nuclear reactors per year.

Small nuclear reactors with a capacity of 300 megawatts (for example, one of which covers one-third of Prague consumption) are now hoping that President Joe Biden in the United States will move toward a more prosperous climate. This is to reduce the emission of glass gases to zero in electricity generation by 2035, thus supporting the U.S. economy with no total emissions by 2050. Nuclear power in the US may be another source of “safe” energy. Power plants.

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