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He had the ability to improvise on the oud.. The musician of generations and his fame that increased rapidly in high society!

No one denies the role and influence that the late musician Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab added to his history, which is still steadfast in his artistic career in music, singing and art.

Abd al-Wahhab is still the shining star among the singers of his time and the current era, as he is an invaluable treasure.

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Most of his songs were for others, such as Umm Kulthum, Laila Murad, The Nightingale, and others. He acted in 7 films. Get to know him!

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He studied oud and traditional Arabic music at the Cairo Institute of Arabic Music and Western Composition at the Bergrane School. As a result of his beautiful voice and his amazing ability to improvise on the oud, his fame increased rapidly, especially in high society.

In 1924, the famous poet Ahmed Shawqi introduced Abd al-Wahhab to his wealthy friends and became a famous entertainer in upper-class parties.

Abdel Wahab’s melodies, with Shawky’s lyrics, were also very popular among all classes of people.

It was popular with princes and kings, and is considered one of the five main pillars of modern Arabic music.