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له شارع باسمه.. إبراهيم اللقانى أحد أعلام علم الحديث والتبحر فى علم الكلام

He has a street named after him.. Ibrahim al-Laqani is one of the pioneers in the science of hadith and delving into theology

Within the “Story Story” project, the National Organization for Civilization Coordination put up a sign in the name of Ibrahim Al-Laqani Street. Al-Maliki and Al-Laqani are related to the village of Laqana in the center of Damanhour in the Beheira Governorate, where he was born in 1555 AD, and that was after Egypt was subject to the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

After a long relationship with the legal sciences and the company of scholars, people knew him as one of the scholars, scholars and imams of Islam, referred to for his wide knowledge and firmness in the legal sciences, until he became the reference of scholars in problems and fatwas in his time. Self-esteem and greatness of personality.

Ibrahim Laqani

So he became one of the famous figures referred to with extensive knowledge in the science of hadith and knowledge and knowledge in the science of theology, and he was the reference to him in problems and fatwas in his time in Cairo, and the forces of the soul were of great prestige to which the men of the state submitted to him and accepted his intercession, and he stopped hesitating to any of the people and spent his time in Lesson and benefit.

Imam Al-Laqani has several books, including: “Manar Origins of the Fatwa and the Rules of Fatwa with the Strongest, Spend Al-Water from the Excursion of Looking at Clarifying the Elite of Thought in the Term of the People of the Tract, the Sum of the Means and the Joy of Forums by Defining the Narrators of Al-Shama’il, A Masterpiece of Doria on Bahloul with the chains of the collections of the Prophet’s hadiths, and others.”

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He passed away from our world on his way back from Hajj in the year (1041 AH) corresponding to (1631 AD), and was buried near the city of (Aqaba) and it was on the way to the Egyptian pilgrimage.