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He has been hovering next to his body for 3 days.. a crocodile separates a boy’s head from his body

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A crocodile in Ternate, Indonesia, killed a 15-year-old boy, detaching his head from his body in a horrific way.

The boy, Ferjan Edham, was fishing with his colleagues in Lake Tulare in the city of Ternate, Indonesia, when the bloody attack occurred.

Ferjan had been sitting on a tree trunk to rest, unaware that the crocodile was chasing him under the water, as the crocodile jumped out of the water and pulled the boy inside, according to the Metro newspaper.

The boy’s classmates tried to help him, but they were hit by a strong crocodile’s tail and fled to the shore, afraid of being attacked.

The authorities went to rescue the boy, but the crocodile had killed him and tore his body.

And she reported that the crocodile hovered next to Ferjan’s body for 3 days, until the authorities managed to reach him and retrieve his body.

Officials explained that the presence of crocodiles near the body, as well as the presence of steep slopes in the lake caused delays, as the crocodile kept appearing near the boy’s body and pushed him towards the lake.

Ferjan’s body was eventually found, his arms severed, and his head separated from his neck.


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