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اخبار المرأة : أخفى عن والده رسوبه في السنة الأولى بالجامعة.. تيم حسن يتذكر بداياته الفنية «مع الشريان»

He hid from his father his failure in the first year at the university .. Tim Hassan remembers his artistic beginnings “With the artery”

The most important and latest women’s news today: Thursday, February 17, 2022
With the details of the news: Women’s news: He concealed from his father his failure in the first year at the university .. Tim Hassan remembers his artistic beginnings “with the artery”

Hawa: Syrian star Tim Hassan led the trend on Twitter after his episode with the journalist Daoud Al-Sharyan, in which he was a guest on an episode of the “With Al-Sharyan” program for the media Daoud Al-Sharyan on MBC, and the audience praised his speech, statements and tact.

Tim Hassan during an episode with Al-Sharyan – photo from the media official of the MBC group

The journalist Daoud Al-Sharyan stopped with his guest Tim Hassan on the most prominent moments of his personal and professional life, starting with his childhood in the city of Tartous, his adolescence in Damascus, and then his university studies in Beirut, then working behind the scenes of the National Theater in Syria before professionalizing in drama and the rise of his star in major works, starting with From “Al-Zeer Salem”.

Tim Hassan recounted his memories at the university, as he said that his father offered him to study law in Beirut, despite the high costs of studying there, and added that he liked Beirut very much, but he was unable to study law, as he was surprised by the difficulty of studying, so he failed academically in the first year, as he hid About his father about this, but he could not hide it after failing in the second year of school.
Tim revealed that when he told his father about this, his father’s reaction was unexpected, as his father read to him an advertisement in the newspaper about accepting a new batch at the Institute of Dramatic Arts, and then asked him to enroll in lying to them and not to him, in reference to the acting profession, which is known as “The disguised lie”, but he considers these analyzes unfair.

Tim Hassan during an episode with Al-Sharyan – photo from the media official of the MBC group

During the episode, the journalist Daoud Al-Sharyan presented Tim’s brilliant stations, which documented Tim Hassan’s professional career that spanned over more than twenty years, during which he left his distinguished mark on most of the roles he presented in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and others, and is still firmly established in the Arab memory, similar to the “kings of sects”. , “Palestinian alienation”, “King Farouk”, “Hajj Noman’s family”, all the way to “prestige”.

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And about his artistic beginnings and his life’s path, Tim Hassan talked about his artistic memories, and said that he was tense and afraid in his first experiences on the stage, and he became professional in acting during his studies and worked in several fields in the theater outside of acting, which gave him great experience.
Tim also remembered his role in the series “Al-Zir Salem” and said that he did not expect the role presented to him, as he was surprised by a major and pivotal role in the series in the character of “Al-Jaroo”, and said that after the Al-Zir Salem series, he presented several historical series, which revealed its difficulty due to its demand for complete mastery of the language. Arabic and make it in the manner of narration with the kinetic requirements of the character.

Tim Hassan commented on the exaggeration of describing the artists’ performance, saying: “He refuses to exaggerate and suggest that they have supernatural abilities, especially since it requires preparation, study and work, and that some sensitive scenes may be the artist before them feel happy and not necessarily be in the same condition as the scene. ».

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