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He is 70 years old and has a soul.. The story of Madiha Yousra's statue is stranger than fiction.. "Video"

He is 70 years old and has a soul.. The story of Madiha Yousra’s statue is stranger than fiction.. “Video”

Today, Friday, 100 years since the birth of Samra Al-Nile, one of the most beautiful women in the world, the great artist Madiha Yousry, who was born on this day, December 3, 1921, to be one of the most beautiful artists of the beautiful time and lives a life full of art, creativity, beauty, love, sadness and shocks, and has international fame as She was chosen among the 10 most beautiful women in the world, and she was said to be the most desirable woman out of a quarter of the world’s men, and many international magazines wrote about her beauty, including the American Time and a number of French newspapers, which chose her among the most beautiful women in the universe, and her beauty charmed the world when she participated in the Cannes Festival in 1952. She was also ranked among the most elegant women in the world.

Madiha Yousry was born in Shubra neighborhood and her name is Ghanima Khalil Habib. In addition to her love for acting, she loved a number of arts, including painting and sculpture. In an interview with her nephew Khalil Habib for the seventh day, he revealed the collections and pictures of the late artist for the first time, the most important of which is the famous statue that the great artist kept throughout her life And he gained wide fame, as he revealed the story and stages of making and developing this statue, which was made by a sculptor one of the students of the artist Mahmoud Mokhtar. Its old and rare numbers.

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More than 70 years after this statue was made and on a seventh day visit to the office of the late artist Madiha Yousry, her nephew and heir Khalil Habib revealed rare holdings of his aunt, the late artist, including this rare statue, which changed its color to black and bronze, and Habib spoke about the story of this the statue.

Samra al-Nil’s nephew said: “This statue is more than 70 years old. They worked as an artist named Kamel Gawish in 1951, and he was one of Mahmoud Mukhtar’s students, and my aunt cherished him greatly and appeared next to him in many pictures and magazines.”


Regarding the change in the color of the statue from white to black, Khalil Habib said: “The color of the statue was white as it appeared in many photos, but my aunt’s friends and fans used to photograph with him a lot, so his color changed, so my aunt changed its color to this color bronze.”


And he continued: I found a picture of the example, Kamel Gawish, making the statue for my aunt, and wrote on the back of the picture a dedication in his name, on September 13, 1951.

And the sculptor appeared in the picture while he was busy making the statue, while the great artist Madiha Yousry sat in front of him, and wrote in the dedication on the back of the picture: “An artist sits with him and he does not bring out a masterpiece.. It is better for him to leave art alone.. Every year and you are always at the top. The pinnacle of glory and sedition…the example is Kamel Gawish, 9/13/1951.”

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Out of the great artist Madiha Yousry’s pride in the statue, she wrote some articles about him, including an article entitled “My Talisman Statue” published in the fifties with a picture of her next to it and it was white before it later turned to bronze.


Madiha Yusri recounted a dream after which she woke up frightened from her sleep before dawn, when she saw that the spirit was in the statue that she had put in the salon, and it moved from its place and kept wandering about the apartment and went to the Frigidaire and brought out of it jam, fruit and butter and put it on the table and kept eating.

The Nile brunette indicated that she spoke with the statue in the dream and asked him: Who moved you from your place and ordered you to eat this food?

The statue answered her with indifference, saying: And who are you, that you speak to me in this tone, that I am the ruler in this house and do what I want?

So the great artist was terrified, after she woke up from her sleep and asked the interpreters of dreams, some of them told her that they were pipe dreams, while others told her that souls imitate statues according to the beliefs of the Pharaohs.

The great artist confirmed that her view of the statue changed after this dream, and she no longer saw it as just a piece of stone made by the hand of a skilled artist, but she saw in it something mysterious, more like a riddle or a talisman, and she loved it as if it was a piece of it.


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