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Koronavirus a sport

He is waiting for the bullshit. But Stanik shouldn’t make a heavy head out of them

Yaroslav UshanaAnd the ČTK

In Toru, I also celebrated a cramp. Were you able to cure it?

We had to slow down a bit around the hall and put our feet together, so I haven’t made much of a change yet. I am more fit in the gym than it might be healthy, but in training it feels so good.

Have you managed the traditional South African focus and are in good health?

I felt better than usual, we were only Czechs, a few Slovaks and local rugby players. Earlier, in the rain, everyone was running to the gym and it wouldn’t be possible to move. Now that wasn’t a problem, only rugby players had a tendency to stretch, but then they realized they didn’t have to operate all the machines … (a smile)

Tomáš Staňek awaits this year’s outdoor premiere in Ostrava.

Yaroslav UshanaAnd the ČTK

You probably wouldn’t expect the performance of 22.17, which really shone your Polish juice, Michel Haratik, early in the season.

No, I don’t even want to go all out at the start of the season, there is time for the Olympics. He probably trained well and upset in the hallway (Stanik deprived him of gold in Toru). I’ve also seen the performances of the Americans, these big names are going to show shit again, I can’t make it a hard deal, otherwise I can end it.

Would you watch out for your muscles in the expected cold weather?

I’m ready from Lady Brasil (Former shooter, now masseur) I have a tape to wrap my thighs, I’ll take warm and hope the sun rises at six o’clock.

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