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He plays like Kellner, who made risky brushes a long time ago. Pbh Jiho mejce, the new company of the largest Czech business

He, who is among the billion Czechs and from the position of CEO who will present the worst of Czech business, is outwardly inconspicuous, calm, arguing with gestures and defeats.
author’s squf; Archive HN – Jan Schejbal

She has had her own business for the past ten years, but has returned to PPF to take on the vision and work of the late Peter Kellner. It’s quite a challenge, you can’t say anything in czech. What’s new with the country’s most powerful financial group, which owns an island in the Maldives and runs Frank Sinatra’s songs?

MI can go there, but instead there is a seat in front of the PPF headquarters on the anaur sofa, where you can’t see much, I can have a business meeting. Although the official leadership of the largest financial group will take over and fill the job in June, there are many things that the miner will have to pay for. If, within five years, the value of the company increases, according to the rules of the board of directors, it is better to buy a 10% stake in the PPF first. It will work for free for those years.

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