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He refused to light up the Munich stadium in the colors of the gay flag during the Germany-Hungary match

He refused to light up the Munich stadium in the colors of the gay flag during the Germany-Hungary match

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The European Football Association aborted the desire of the city of Munich to light the stadium “Allianz Arena” in rainbow colors during the match scheduled for Wednesday between Germany and Hungary in the framework of the European Cup. The Munich City Initiative was intended to support the LGBT community and to protest an anti-gay law passed by the Hungarian Parliament. The European Football Association justified this refusal, considering that the initiative had a political dimension against the Hungarian Parliament’s decision, at a time when the Federation confirmed its desire to “preserve its political and religious neutrality.”

UEFA rejected on Tuesday Munich’s plans to light up the Allianz Arena. rainbow colors بألوان During the match between Germany and Hungary in the European Cup 2020, scheduled for Wednesday, and dedicated to support gay community مجتمع And protest against a law passed by the Hungarian government.

“WIFA is a politically and religiously neutral organization,” the European Union said in a statement. “Given the political context of this request, which is a message aimed at a decision taken by the Hungarian National Parliament, the European Union declares its rejection of this matter.”

The Confederation expressed its “understanding that the goal is to send a message to promote diversity” and accepted the idea, proposing other dates for the lighting of the stadium in rainbow colors on June 28 (Gay Parade Day), or between July 3 and 9, when Christopher Street Day is celebrated in Munich.

UEFA recalled that it regularly campaigned for diversity and equality in football. “Racism, homophobia, sexism and all forms of discrimination are a disgrace to our societies, and represent one of the biggest problems facing the game today,” he said.

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On Sunday, the Confederation announced the opening of a disciplinary investigation into an anti-gay banner that was published in Budapest during the Hungary-Portugal match (0-3) last week.