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He saved her from the Taliban .. Thanks to an Afghan politician and a British MP

He saved her from the Taliban .. Thanks to an Afghan politician and a British MP

“You saved my life.” With these words, the Afghan MP and former Norwegian ambassador Sukriya Barakzai on Tuesday thanked the British MP who helped her escape. Taliban.

During an inquiry by the British House of Commons into the Taliban’s rapid seizure of power in Afghanistan, the MP made it clear that he feared for his life when he brought Kabul under control in mid – August.

“It’s an honor to be here.”

“You saved my life,” Barakzai put his hand over his heart and told MP Tom Dukent, chairman of the House of Commons’ foreign affairs committee and a former British military officer who had served in Afghanistan.

The deputy said, “It is a great honor to have you here. I am so glad I was able to play a small role in ensuring your presence.”

Tom Dukendt (file photo from AFP)

Barakzai is a woman rights activist who escaped an assassination attempt in 2014 and was deported to the United Kingdom when Taliban militants searched her home.

Like Tom Dugent, many MPs intervened with the British government after being directly approached by Afghans.

Help more Afghans

Barakzai and activist Shehrozadeh Akbar called on Britain and the West to help the Afghans at risk of retaliation. Taliban.

Akbar, who was the head of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, explained that only 6 of the organization’s 392 members received visas from the British government, and only 2 of them were able to come to the UK after administrative delays. “In my experience, some small countries in Europe have performed better,” he said in a video intervention from Turkey to the place of asylum.

Sheherazade Akbar (Archive)

Sheherazade Akbar (Archive)

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The UK has expelled more than 15,000 people from Kabul in the two weeks since the Taliban came to power in mid-August, including about 8,600 Afghans eligible for the IRIP resettlement and assistance program for Afghans working with the British.