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He set off from Lebanon.. Details of the sinking of the migrant boat near Tartous

Cyrusli quoted survivors as saying that the boat He left from Minya in the north Lebanon A few days ago, he added that those on board had different nationalities.

He further stated that the search operations are continuing in the midst of difficult conditions due to waves the sea Rough and high winds, according to Reuters.

Lebanon witnessed a jump in immigration rates, driven by one of the world’s deepest economic crises since the 1850s.

Besides the Lebanese immigrants, there are also refugees from Syria and Palestine venturing into the perilous journey on the immigration boats.

Earlier on Thursday, dozens of people in the northern city of Tripoli staged a protest with the aim of alerting authorities that they had lost contact with a boat carrying dozens of migrants.

Reuters was unable to confirm whether the boat was the same as the one indicated by the Syrian authorities.

On Wednesday, the Lebanese army said it had rescued 55 people from a broken boat in the country’s territorial waters, which had been towed ashore.

And last April, a migrant boat that set off from an area near Tripoli sank when it was intercepted by the Lebanese navy off the coast of the country. On board the ship were about 80 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian immigrants.

Forty of those on board were rescued, while seven were confirmed dead, and about 30 others are still officially missing.

The Lebanese journalist, Musaffa al-Sayed, said, in connection with the “Sky News Arabia” website in Akkar, that “a citizen who survived drowning off Arwad Island, and his name is Wissam al-Talawi, according to eyewitnesses there, and he informed his family in the Akkar town of Qarqif in northern Lebanon that his wife and four children did not They are still missing.”

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For its part, the Syrian “Sham FM” radio, on Thursday evening, quoted the survivors as saying that “the boat set out from Lebanon several days ago with the intention of emigrating and holds different nationalities.