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He surrendered, but the officer fired.  A boy died in Chicago after police intervened

He surrendered, but the officer fired. A boy died in Chicago after police intervened

Chicago police on Thursday released videos of a recent operation in which a 13-year-old Hispanic boy was killed. Photos show Adam Toledo running from a police officer on March 29, then shot when the suspect stopped and began to raise his hands.

Video: Chicago released a video of a police operation in which a 13-year-old boy died. Video: Reuters

police to me The BBC news site has published twenty different videos after its administration Chicago The boy’s family demanded transparency. Among the items, a recording from a camera on the uniform of 34-year-old police officer Eric Stillman, who shot after Toledo in a side alley in the early morning hours.

The Associated Press described the video as disturbing, as it appears that the boy was standing at the moment of the shooting, raising his arms without carrying any weapons. “Show me the damned hands! Throw them!” The policeman shouts in advance, after which he shoots almost immediately. Toledo fell to the ground and the guards failed to revive it.

Police say the boy was carrying a firearm at the start of the operation. A newly posted video from a security camera indicates that Toledo dropped something before his death. Stillman then flashed a flashlight on the pistol lying on the ground as he searched the site.

The scene of the intervention was the Little Village neighborhood southwest of downtown Chicago, where most of them, according to the New York Times, live of Latin American ancestry. According to official statements, two police officers intervened here on the morning of March 29th due to reports of gunfire, after which two suspects began to chase. Someone fell to the ground while Toledo continued to flee. Stillman shot him 19 seconds after getting out of a police car, according to the Associated Press.

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Details of another controversial police intervention come in an atmosphere of growing passion around law enforcement practices in United States of America. The reason is an ongoing trial with a former police officer accused of murdering the black man, George Floyd, whose death sparked mass protests. Meanwhile, discussions on the subject erupted due to Sunday’s police crackdown on 20-year-old Don Wright in a Minneapolis suburb.

After the video of Toledo’s death was published, several protests took place in Chicago, but the march appears to have been without clashes with the security forces. Stillman was not promptly charged with any misdemeanor and paid for administrative time for the internal investigation.

Mayor Lightfoot commented on the development, saying, “We live in a city with a long history of police violence.” “Although we do not have enough information to be judges and juries in this particular situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our people feel the familiar attack of indignation and pain,” she was quoted by the Associated Press

The mayor urged residents to wait for all the facts before forming an opinion about Toledo’s death. At the same time, she spoke about the tragedy and that watching the intervention videos was painful for her. Toledo relatives also called for calm, and in a statement called for any possible demonstrations to remain calm.

Police in the United States have killed more than 260 people since the start of the year, according to public databases. The Washington Post said Toledo was one of the youngest targets of police violence in its database, compiled since 2015. Two children, ages 6 and 12, were killed during that time.

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Video: A Minneapolis policewoman shot a black man

It appears that a Minneapolis policewoman accidentally shot a black man. Video: Associated Press