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To tu ještě nebylo. Obchod rozdává 1500 korun každému Čechovi. Můžete nakoupit potraviny nebo cokoliv jiného, bez podmínek

He wasn’t here yet. The store distributes 1,500 crowns to each Czech. You can buy groceries or anything else without strings attached

Although it is said that no one gives you anything these days, this is not entirely true. In fact, interesting money can be made if you take advantage of the various marketing campaigns offered by the companies. Cash is often on hand with no major stipulations.

No conditions

Skip Pay, formerly Mall Pay, hosts such an event. If you open a new account with this service, you will receive 1,500 CZK on the first purchase. You don’t have to fulfill anything else, not even a recurring condition in the form of a minimum purchase amount. If you buy exactly 150,000, you really don’t pay anything.

Skip Pay is basically a payment tool that also provides a private payment card. However, it is based primarily on the so-called deferred payments. You simply buy and pay later. If you can do it within the deadline, which is up to 50 days, you will get it at no charge. However, you can then select installments, and of course some interest has already been charged.

Currently, Skip Pay offers another feature. If you purchased in November, you can pay for your purchase for free until January 20th, while by default it will be until the 20th of the following month. So you still have a month to spare when you don’t have to pay for your purchase.

Image: shutterstock

Buy as you wish

However, you can also extend the maturity period for a fee. For every hundred crowns borrowed, you pay three crowns a month. If you buy goods for 10,000 SEK, the monthly fee will be 300 SEK. Basically, it’s like a credit card.

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But if you only need 1,500 CZK, which you can get easily, you just need to register for the service and purchase the selected goods. You can shop in a lot of stores, for example in or even grocery stores in Basket. The amount due will be reduced by 1,500 CZK. You will pay the remaining balance on the due date so that you have it at no charge.

Image: shutterstock