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“He would divorce me.” Why did Abdel Monsef, Liqa al-Khamisi's husband, get angry after publishing this video?!  - I know the details

“He would divorce me.” Why did Abdel Monsef, Liqa al-Khamisi’s husband, get angry after publishing this video?! – I know the details

Amir Fathi wrote on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 07:57 pm – the artist said Khamisi meeting During her meeting inlast word program“With the media Lamis Al HadidiHer husband is a former goalkeeper Mohamed Abdel Monsef He almost divorced her because of a video clip in which she was shown dancing with her “salsa” coach.

And about Abdel Monsef’s reaction, to the video in which she was dancing salsa, Al-Khamisi’s meeting commented: “This was a divorce and a big problem. Salsa, and this does not mean that there is no communication between us, but the world is based on the video, and there is no need for it, but Abdel Monsef is annoyed that I shirt the video.”

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She explained that he was refusing to dance in the series “”The fourth wifeA problem arose between them at the time the series was shown at the time.

The artist, Liqa’ al-Khamisi, said about the attack on her husband: “I am not bothered by the attack on my husband, Mohamed Abdel Monsef, because of his work, because I have complete confidence in him.” She added, “Abdel Monsef, in the 6/1 match, was playing against two teams.”

She explained: “She is a strong but fragile woman, and that anything her husband, Abdel Monsef is exposed to because of her, feels pain because she considers him her soul, her lover and her heart, and she never accepts talking about her father, her husband, her brother or her son badly.”

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She also told a meeting about the bullying she went through and how it shook her, and made her sit at home 3 years, the worst in her life, and she went to a psychiatrist, for 4 months, she helped her a lot.

It is reported that Al-Khamisi’s meeting presented during the last period a number of works that were shown on the screen and achieved great success, namely:open vacation series“Starring Sherif Mounir, and a story”A bit of the moon“Within the Stories of the Series”like a moon“.

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