“A combined tour around Hradiště has been moved to April 24, a bike ride until April 18. So far, the change only affects these first two activities. Znojmo City Council spokeswoman Karolina Genkova said other dates for events are still in effect at the moment. “.

On the Tuesday after the weekend, those interested can enjoy Otužování with Znojmo Swimming Club, next Saturday there will be a circuit training with Sylva Hermanová and a planned track with Lenka Brabcová.

However, the need to register still applies. “The reason is that it is possible to contact the participants directly in the event of a change in the program and also to coordinate the number of people on individual occasions according to the current government procedures!”

However, those interested can already undergo fertility screening for free at a partner’s Zamed Znojmo Reproduction Clinic event. The full Spring Health Days program and registration links can be found at znojmo-zdravemesto.cz

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