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متحدث الصحة: "لم يتبقى إلا أننا نطرق الأبواب على الناس ونقولهم تلقحوا"

Health spokesperson: “There is nothing left but to knock on people’s doors and say

11:03 PM

Wednesday January 19 2022

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said that there are mobile teams to receive the vaccine everywhere, and there are points and centers in the metro, train stations, clubs, and malls, and in all conferences, events and holidays to give the vaccine to citizens, commenting: “The truth remains only that we knock on doors. people, and we tell them to be vaccinated.”

And, “Abdul Ghaffar” explained, in a telephone interview to the “Ninth” program, broadcast on Channel One, today, Wednesday, that vaccines are stored at a temperature of -8, which is the temperature of normal refrigerators, and the state provided the appropriate storage places and what needs a very low temperature of -80, Noting that an agreement was signed yesterday with China to establish the largest refrigeration logistics storage complex in Vaxera.

He stressed that there is direct follow-up from the President of the Republic and the Minister of Health to follow up on the epidemiological situation, and there is a higher and medical committee that follows up in a healthy manner the epidemiological situation, vaccination and precautionary measures.

He added that despite the stability of hospital admission rates, the state provides complete hospitals for isolation that follow health or university hospitals, in addition to departments within government hospitals, and there is an abundance of beds and medicines.

He stressed that the state has sufficient stocks of medicines and oxygen cylinders, and we have not seen any shortages, and there are sums that are being allocated to further enhance the provision of medical supplies.

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