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Heat and wind have caused 4 fires in London's forests

Heat and wind have caused 4 fires in London’s forests

British civil defense forces have mobilized firefighters to tackle three fires in London today, Sunday, fueled by high temperatures and high winds, while a fourth blaze broke out in nearby Surrey just days after a UK record temperature was recorded.

“London firefighters are dealing with several fires due to the weather,” AFP reported, citing the London Fire Department.

The fire department indicated that in the 24 hours between midnight local time and 17:00 GMT, elements made a higher number of interventions than usual.

And in south-east England, temperatures reached 29 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

The blaze, which broke out in Anfield, north London, engulfed 20 hectares but was “under control” by the end of the afternoon, with 100 firefighters and 14 vehicles deployed to tackle it.

In Hayes, west of the capital London, near Heathrow Airport, 40 firefighters and six vehicles were called to tackle the five-hectare blaze, while 65 crews, eight vehicles and a vessel were stationed in Tamasyd, to the east.

In areas near residential areas, fire crews have urged residents to take precautions, cancel planned barbecues and close windows to avoid smoke.

A fourth wildfire in Surrey, about 60 kilometers southwest of London, caused thick smoke, firefighters said. Many roads were closed due to this.

The fire comes days after the United Kingdom set a record temperature of 40.3 degrees Celsius in Coningsby, in the northeast of England.

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