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Heating and medium heat from factory machines. Denmark also shows the world the way out of the energy crisis

Revitalization of the harbor in Sonderborg by architect Frank Gehry
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seter Rathje psob is very convincing. “We have seven political parties from left to right. The former editor explains that this is too dark for anyone to question. project zero From the city of Sonderborg, it is possible that since 2007 the entire city and its surroundings, in cooperation with citizens, the state and businesses, have been building one whole, the goal of which is to achieve carbon neutrality in 2029 – the first zero project. “We’re somewhere down the road, and we’ve saved 52 percent of the assigned duty,” says Rathjee. The first city with a population of about thirty thousand became one this week Seven conferences International Energy Agency (IEA) on energy efficiency.

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