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Hebrew media: The Israeli army is accelerating preparations for a possible attack on Iran

a. B. Tzafrir Abayov

Today, Sunday, Hebrew media reported that the Israeli army leadership is taking steps in preparation for a possible resort to the scenario of a military attack on Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel Army Radio reported that Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi instructed the armed forces to speed up preparations for a possible attack in Iran.

The radio indicated that the Israeli Air Force, within the framework of these preparations, made amendments to the training and rehabilitation programs for pilots and navigators, explaining that these amendments pertain to the advanced stages of those training programmes.

This comes against the backdrop of the escalation of the already increasing tensions between Tel Aviv and Tehran, and Iran’s conduct of military maneuvers, which Fars news agency reported, which included simulating the scenario of targeting the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona.

For its part, Israel has repeatedly warned that it will not hesitate to use any of the methods at its disposal in order to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear arsenal.

Source: “Israeli Army Radio: +” place

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