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Hell on the train to Croatia.  The woman claims that without air conditioning, we were robbed in the cabin

Hell on the train to Croatia. The woman claims that without air conditioning, we were robbed in the cabin

The reader has unpleasant experiences from a train trip to Croatia on vacation. However, the significant delay and the malfunctioning car, in which the air conditioner was said not to work, were far from the biggest problem. A woman traveling with three children was robbed by two men in a cabin.

A reader traveled to Croatia with her three children on the RegioJet in mid-July. She now described to the editors the unpleasant experiences she had while driving. “It wasn’t our first flight, but it’s already our third,” she explained. “The conditions are getting worse.”

Problems immediately began in Prague. The train was already late before leaving the main station. “After a few minutes, you discover there is no electricity in the cart, so there are no lights, toilets, water, wifi, nothing. The toilets are clogged within an hour before people realize they are not flowing. Dirt is everywhere.”

“Delay in departure from Prague was 48 minutes, passengers were informed in advance by SMS. Delay to destination Split station was 148 minutes due to closure activities on the line in the Czech Republic and Croatia and also due to waiting passport control between Hungary and Croatia (+35 minutes) .and then also since passport control takes longer (instead of 38 minutes it was 54 minutes). This long delay was unusual. The passenger will be compensated,” RegioJet spokeswoman Teresa Ptáčková told

At the same time, she admitted that during the entire trip they were not able to eliminate the malfunction of the carriage. “I confirm that the customer was sitting in a car that had a malfunction during the trip, the air conditioning did not work later and could not be fixed during the trip. We are of course very sorry for the situation. Passengers of the entire car are compensated in these cases.”

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However, according to the reader, the service did not work properly either. “You get on the plane and the agent will serve you in an hour. He is in charge of three carriages. They say there are no people. The water he gives you is warm. He will let you order and deliver things in two hours. He is not in time. The drinks are warm and their refrigerators are not cold” she complained for passengers.

The woman lost money and property

However, real hell was waiting for the woman. “At four in the morning, two masked men entered our cabin. I have three children with me. They light flashlights in my face. I think they are Hungarian policemen, but they take things from our backpacks. Money, wallets, computers and other things. The children cry I calm them down while I’m in my pajamas chasing the train robber in the dark.”

However, she was unable to catch anyone. “I was looking for a flight attendant with my kids. An hour later, I found a 20-year-old woman in an orange jacket, and she told me she wouldn’t help me, because this was happening. I called 112 and explained to the Croatians what had happened in English. They forced me to get off in Split and go to The station, but I had to get to the village of Zhifuguchi by means of transport from the company RegioJet. ”

However, she reportedly received no help. “Three hours later, I asked for help from the hostess, who must have gotten up, called my boss and said she wouldn’t help me. She wouldn’t write anything. Let me email with a complaint,” the reader added.

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According to a RegioJet spokesperson, during the summer operation in groups between Slovakia and Hungary, a security service is provided during the night hours, which passes and checks the group.

“We are of course sorry for the situation, the cabin crew dealt with the matter as soon as it was reported. The passenger was advised to contact the Slovak police in Croatia. As such, the carrier does not have the authority to deal with such that our crews have been trained and our customer service should similar problems occur, And procedures are being put in place to help passengers in these cases,” Patakova explained.


However, the reader also rated the complaint itself as problematic. “A total of 50 people complained to the central station with me, but they received a business card with an email. I sent seven emails and no one answered. They say I have to wait 30 days for processing. They called the hotline and said they wouldn’t even give me my name. Let me send e-mail”.

“We received the first complaint on 7/20, to which colleagues from the complaints department responded on 7/25 that we are registering the request and it is being referred for investigation, and then the customer’s response came on 7/29, where we responded immediately, and we have a period of 30 days according to the law “.

In addition, the company always checks the situation internally. “We take all suggestions into account and then take measures to eliminate negative events and improve our services in general,” Ptachkova noted.

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