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حلمي طولان: التدريب علم مش فهلوة وأرفض ظاهرة مباريات الاعتزال

Helmy Tolan: Training is a science, not a joke, and I reject the phenomenon of retirement matches

Helmy Tolan, the former Zamalek club star and coach, and the current coach of the Enppi team, rejected the phenomenon of retirement matches for Egyptian football stars, saying: “It is a tribute match, not a retirement match, and therefore not every player deserves to be held in an honoring match, he must be a big star that entertains the fans.” He achieved achievements and won championships for his team and his country.”

Tolan added, in televised statements, to the Hungarian program with Mustafa Abdo, on Al-Ahly satellite channel: “I am against the idea of ​​retirement matches, and I did not have a retirement match after the end of my football career.”

The current coach of the Enppi team explained that he is proud of some of the coaches who came out of his hands, most notably Ahmed Sami and Osama Nabih, saying: “Training is a science, not a skill, and it requires great competencies.”

Helmy Tolan is considered one of the symbols of the Zamalek club, and he played in the white team from 1972 to 1981, and after retiring, he trained the clubs of Zamalek, the border guards, the Egyptian Telecom, the Egyptian club, the police and the pioneers of the army, and on July 7, 2013 he announced his assumption of the position of technical director of Zamalek Club, succeeding the Brazilian coach. Jorvan Vieira, and succeeded in leading the team to crown the Egyptian Cup for the first time after an absence of five years, and he left on January 21, 2014.

Tonight’s episode of the “Al Majary” program comes in order to consolidate the culture of rejecting intolerance adopted by Al-Ahly Club channel, and upholding the true values ​​of sports away from the clash and mass charging, and nourishing the sportsmanship among athletes and the public, and restoring the atmosphere of serious competition, making sports suitable for joy, not a reason to provoke hostility and charge the public..

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