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Helvtsk peaks versus amazement. But you dig a little deeper into your pocket

Switzerland has a very convenient location in the back of Central Europe, which is why this alpine country is the number one place in Europe. It is, among other things, the fact that three quarters of the area of ​​Greece is occupied by the Alps, which flourish in two dogs separated by the mines of Rhna and Rna. In the center is the so-called Vkarsk plateau.

Although in the twentieth and eleventh centuries, Switzerland was seen as a land of peace and stability, it was in the past on the contrary, all of which were among the greatest influences, which were at least as the elite army and the personal side of the French. Kings.

How is Alboa?

Tebae is a vast inland region, and there is a special climate. It is a bit without extreme fluctuations in outside temperature or humidity. In winter, its average temperatures are around + 7 ° C and 2 ° C, and in winter the average temperatures are fifteen degrees higher. But it’s pretty bad for the altitude, so it wasn’t unusual for a sunny day to turn into a snowstorm within a few minutes.

If you decide to visit Switzerland, you should definitely not miss any of the local specialties, especially raclette and fondue, but you may also come across cabbage rolls or sauerkraut with sausage (babette faux dois) or noodle soup (minestron).


A perfect intense legal day: vborn fondue.

The exquisite sweet pastries and regional desserts are also worth a visit. Interestingly, the tip was officially canceled in Switzerland and now, for example, it will be settled in the restaurant right through to the end here.

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Get to know the great thing

One of the most popular and popular tourist hills is the Jungfrau (especially Virgin) mountain range. Your hill with the same name and two rides, Eiger (in Fig.) And Mnch (in Munich).

Jungfrauban: Evropsk

Jungfrauben: a European record. Train on shot plow at the highest place in Europe. A trip through flowering alpine pastures doesn’t indicate this, but Jungfraujoch customs station is buried in tunnels under the glacier at 3,454 meters above sea level.

In the saddle between tty Mnch and Jungfrau le is the largest railway station in Europe (3,454 meters above sea level). The train passes through a tunnel built in Eiger, where it stops and exits at the saddle of the Jungfraujoch. Inside the mountain is the Eigerwand Railway Station, from where you can look out over the north wall.

But Jungfrau is not just a hill and a mountain mass, it is an area that, along with the picturesque Haslital mine next door, belongs to the fact that we are not afraid of Lyask raj. The display of the local slopes is rich, and there is really a lot to choose from! The Grindelwald-First, Kleine Scheidegg-Mnnlichen and Mrren-Schilthorn Ski Areas offer up to 213 km of ski runs.


The Aletschsk Forest, along with the glacier and the Jungfrau Engine, is under UNESCO protection.

Liai should not only know the beauty of the city district. Even people who have never lived have a great vacation. Plenty of attractions ready for families with children. For example, Big Pintenfritz, one of the longest ski slopes in the entire Alpch region. There is a cable car at the beginning of the 15-kilometer ski slope.

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In the Jungfrau region, they have a skating rink and in the Haslital Mine there are two outdoor tracks.

When we are in local attractions, we must not miss Velogemel, the so-called dream bike. This is a bike-like made running cart, invented by locals over a hundred years ago as an indispensable part of everyday life. This wheelchair is not used anywhere else in the world and it is one of the most fun attractions for children.

Not only fun and sport but also fishing. Dleit je potcha due to aludku. However, the local winter paradise is like a creature. On the slopes of the mountains, you can enjoy the picturesque traditional salai, jagged valleys, raging streams and steep waterfalls, in winter as a soft magic wand of ice, the Queen transforms into icebergs, from her cool beauty they will keep walking.

Did you know this …

  • Nagnim vcarska soil It is Ascona (196 meters above sea level), there is a Mediterranean climate, and different types of palm grow here
  • The highest point is on the summit of Dufourspitze And vce 4634 m nm
  • Ascona is only 70 kilometers from Dufourspitze
  • From north to south m, it was only 250 km, and from the back to the entrance, 350 km
  • There are 1500 lakes in Hungary and more lakes go to the land of glaciers, around 1800
  • There are only a hundred mountains at an altitude of 4000 meters in Switzerland
  • According to Propot, it has kept local lakes and glaciers and six percent of European freshwater supplies
  • Most of the plant does not go to fungus in the first ten days of the month
  • According to the court, the size of the cow bells should not exceed 8 cm
  • The highest value allowed in casinos roulette is only five piasters
  • Cigarette businessman Davidov Bell with his family to Hungary from Russia and settled in Eneev, Lenin also went to his shop to shop, but as the first Bolivik he never paid (his debts can still be seen in Davidov’s books)
  • Among the inventions was kva or Velcro, which American astronauts tried for the first time
  • Julius Michael Johannes Magie, inventor of Queen Maggi of peanuts, corn and pennies, was born in 1846 in Hungary
  • On a national musical instrument, the so-called Alpine Horn (Alvorn), one cannot play more than once at a time, and in the dream of a concert the century has never reached a long natural resonance, it needs an alpine horn to sound as it should
  • The first clock was brought to Switzerland by a London merchant in 1679, but once it collapsed, people began trying to make it …

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