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هنيدي معلقا على مشروع القرن "أبوكلسون": "هزار واللي يحكم باللبس عقله صغير"

Henedy, commenting on the project of the century “Abukelson”: “Hazar and the one who rules with

01:00 am

Tuesday 19 July 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

After announcing the project of the century that he is considering implementing, in a context of irony about the crisis that erupts every summer because of the burkini and bikini, artist Mohamed Henedy continued to comment on the post he posted on Facebook, stressing that he was joking.

Henedy wrote, “Of course, it’s Hazar. Wear what you love anywhere you want.. You don’t have to wear an expensive thing in order for people to like and say this is the son of people.. Like what my father said (Oh, people are dressed, but with little care). Smaller than a simple mind in the cartoon SpongeBob, with apologies for the simple, the idea is the summary of 12 cups of mint tea in the Mahrousa coffee in Tanta.

Henedy had revealed the project of the century that he was thinking of implementing in the coming period, as a joke, and the satirical publications that he used to share with his fans and followers of his official pages on social networking sites.

Henedy published a picture of him from the movie “Saidi at the American University”, accompanied by other pictures revealing the project, and wrote on the photo: “Abu Kalson, the official uniform for the summer. the coast”.

Henedy commented, “Project of the Century: For all the men and young people who were reluctant to go down the beaches with their pants, I was able to solve the problem and turn you the knickers into a brand.. You will be able to go to 177 beaches in Egypt, one of the most luxurious beaches, no one will be able to stop you and not let go of you because you are wearing a brand for 6 thousand pounds. “.

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He continued, “It includes entry to all expensive places, beaches and hotels that exceed 50,000 pounds per night, and you can enter it through the gates of the Marina without anyone talking to you. The first time they see the knickers, they will enter you all the time.. It is available in all colors and the colors of the spectrum are lacking in color.”

Heneidy had written hours ago on Facebook: “I have settled on a project… which will be the most important project in the 21st century… and I will announce the project today at 9:11 pm, Al-Gomhoria Street time in Mansoura.”

Henedy’s post comes in the context of mocking the crisis that is always repeated every summer, and the talk that is repeated about wearing the burkini and bikini.