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Henedy reveals the reason for his constant interaction on the communication sites:: the Nabataeans

Henedy reveals the reason for his constant interaction on the communication sites:: the Nabataeans

Nabataeans –

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Henedy, revealed the reason for his enthusiasm for the movie “The Man and the Mongoose”, which was recently shown in theaters, and the reason for his extensive use of social media.

Henedy indicated that the reason for agreeing to work in the movie “The Man and the Nemose” was the idea of ​​the film, because it is different and new, in addition to the presence of big stars in the work led by director Sherif Arafa.

And he continued, in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, on the sidelines of the special screening of his movie “The Man and the Mongoose”: “A year ago, director Sherif Arafa spoke to me about the film, and when I read the text, I did not hesitate for a moment to accept the work,” explaining that the work is not entirely a horror. The situations from which the comedy will come out.

Heneidy added that the movie “The Man and the Mongoose” did not have difficult situations, because the director, Sherif Arafa, is highly organized in the role of each actor, and with regard to the fact that the work resembles the idea of ​​Ismail Yassin’s films, he explained that the jinn and demons exist at all times and that his story. Man and Mongoose”, different and distinct.

The secret of social media

Henedy explained that he is the one who interacts on social media, explaining the reason for his permanent presence, that these means have brought him close to the audience, and he works for the public, so he likes to always be in contact with them, as he put it.

He concluded his speech to Sky News Arabia, that he has currently finished filming most of the scenes of the movie “The Jeweler”, and there are only two weeks left to fully finish filming, expressing his happiness to cooperate again with Mona Zaki after 23 years, and he also revealed that he is currently undergoing a new experience in theater writing.

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