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Here are the steps on how to do a factory reset without deleting data

Many smartphone users face a problem if their device crashes or lags in working, for which users are recommended to reset the device Factory settings However, users may face difficulty in doing so due to the loss of their personal data and important files, and to solve this problem, a factory reset option without deleting data has been developed.

The option to restore factory settings without deleting data allows users to fix the problem of the device without losing any personal data or important files, and this feature is especially important for users who have important data or work or study files, as all personal data and files are saved without being deleted .

How to do a factory reset without deleting anything?

The factory reset option without deleting data works by deleting all settings and apps and resetting them to their defaults without deleting the data stored on the device. Users can easily use this option by:

  • First, open the device settings: Users have to open the settings of the device they want to restore to factory settings.
  • Then search for the restore option: Users should look for the factory reset option in the list that appears in the device settings.

And then choose to restore factory settings: After finding the restore option, users have to click on the option and follow the steps, and the process of restoring the settings will be done without losing any data from your mobile phone.