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Here is how to use 3D vision in Google Maps

Here is how to use 3D vision in Google Maps

Asmaa Lamnawar wrote on Monday, July 12, 2021 05:12 PM – The new update has been released for Google Maps that allows you to display navigation instructions via 3D instructions that appear on the application.

The Google Maps application is considered one of the best maps and navigation applications, because it relies on the updated Google library of maps.

In addition, it matches street names with the places registered in the search engine, so you find the local places near you with an accurate address.

However, the 3D instructions appear only when you choose to steer by foot, and do not show these directions for driving or other routes.

How to use 3D directions in Google Maps.

You can use the new how-to view easily but you must own a phone that supports augmented reality technologies.

If your phone supports augmented reality, then you are ready for 3D maps.

But not all countries support 3D maps, as Google has not yet adopted it around the world, but it is expected that Google will add support little by little.

You can use the feature by opening the application, and then searching for the place you want to go through Google Maps.

After that, click on the directions sign below so that the application shows you the instructions for moving.

Instead of clicking on the car or bike sign, click on the biped sign.

After that, you will see the menu at the bottom has changed to show you the sign to start walking or choose the live view of the road.

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You can now tap Live and the app will tell you some instructions for using the new 3D Maps.

The app also asks you to access the camera to work, and after you give it all the permissions, the app starts guiding you.

This is done by displaying directions on the camera screen, which means that you need to point your phone towards the street and the app will show you the way.

Of course, the accuracy of the directions varies depending on the street and whether the map is up to date or not, but the 3D view helps you get to your destination.

Apple has announced a feature similar to the 3D view from Google, and the feature is supposed to be released with the upcoming iOS 15 update.