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Here is the new version 102 of the Chrome browser

Google announced Tuesday, May 24, the publication of version 102 of the Chrome browser. While the vast majority of the new features are intended for developers, this new version contains some new features that are welcome for users.

Google today announced the official release of the stable release of Chrome 102, the latest version of its main search browser. As you can imagine, the new features are not as many as with Chrome 100but some of them are worth taking a look at.

This version gives prominence to developers, with many custom features. Version 102, for example, allows installed web applications to open certain files stored on your computer, as if they were original applications. In fact, it may appear in the list in the Open With dialog on your system.

Google has also integrated a new API to make it easier to navigate single-page web applications. This API avoids reloading the entire page when moving to a new site, providing better performance.

Chrome 102 includes a Linux keyboard shortcut

Let’s move on to the new features that are of direct interest to ordinary users. Chrome 102 introduces new keyboard shortcuts to rearrange tabs on the go. Shortcuts are well known to Linux users. To move a tab on the keyboard, here are the different shortcuts that should be performed on Windows and Mac:

For Windows: Ctrl + Shift + page up or down
On macOS: Ctrl + Shift + fn + up or down arrow

Another modification that targets users directly. In Chrome 102, Google wants to provide more information about online stores. Before accessing a merchant’s site, a window will display a summary of information such as user opinions, whether or not the connection is secure, or whether cookies have been collected. It is enough to allow users to get a quick opinion on the e-commerce sites before making any purchases there.

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This feature was initially spotted in the Chrome 102 developer release, and will not be available to everyone right away, due to regional restrictions. However, it should be possible to test it by activating the following flag: chrome://flags/#page-info-about-this-site.