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Here's how.. You won't believe how Mike Pompeo became?!

Here’s how.. You won’t believe how Mike Pompeo became?!

Over the past months, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made headlines, and his photos invaded social media after he lost a lot of weight.

Although Pompeo, who also served as the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, had experienced and dealt with many difficult situations in his long career, he always hesitated to talk about losing weight, until he decided to single out The Post, with special statements about his weight loss. Subject.

Who helped him and how?

Pompeo explained that it all began with him on June 14, 2021, when the former minister stepped on the scale and saw that he was 300 pounds for the first time in his life, revealing that he woke up the next morning and told his wife, Susan: “Today is today”.

He added that he started exercising and eating right until the weight began to drop.

The 58-year-old former minister also continued that he invested in a gym in the basement of his house, revealing that he used to go to it 6 times a week and stay in it for half an hour or so, without the help of a personal trainer or any nutritionist, saying: “I was just me “.

He noted that losing weight was a lifelong struggle for him.

So many speculations

The new look of the former minister was accompanied by a lot of speculation about the reason for his weight loss to this extent, and Pompeo confirmed that there were comments that he received that questioned whether he had health problems, or whether he had cancer.

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Mike also credited his weight loss to his wife Susan, son, Nick and daughter-in-law Rachel, who supported his efforts to reach his goal.

Pompeo, who served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2017 to 2018 and the 70th US Secretary of State from 2018 to 2021 under former Republican President Donald Trump, has continued to appear frequently in the media after leaving office, joining fundraising efforts, and showing evidence Yet he is revitalizing his old campaign committee.

With his family

With his family

It is noteworthy that a recent Gallup poll conducted in January showed that 41% of adults in the United States over the past five years described themselves as being overweight, which is more than 36% in the previous five-year period. .

Gallup noted that its findings contradict federal health statistics, which show nearly three-quarters of Americans are overweight or obese.