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Here's the Ferrari 812 Competition. With a V12, 830 hp and you can get it in the shape of a Targo

Here’s the Ferrari 812 Competition. With a V12, 830 hp and you can get it in the shape of a Targo

Ferrari is introducing a new version of the 812, under the pseudonym Competizione, which will be available in two different body types.

There is a classic coupe, but it’s also made with a removable roof panel. This was added to the new designation with the letter A – that’s why it’s called Ferrari 812 Competizione A.

In both cases, the drive is provided by a 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder fork, which delivers 610 kW (830 hp) at 9,250 rpm. Thanks to this, it is the most powerful internal combustion engine (hybrid drives do not count), which has ever appeared on the Ferrari road.

The Italian automaker also boasts the V12 engine’s ability to spin up to 9,500 rpm, another precedent in the brand’s history. The engine is mated to a revised seven-speed automatic transmission, which should shift slightly faster again.

The torque reaches a maximum of 7,000 (692 Nm). Thanks to this, the competition accelerates from 0 to a hundred in 2.85 seconds, to two hundred in 7.5 seconds and starts from more than 340 km / h.

Ferrari also assures that the engineers tried to achieve the lowest possible weight, which resulted in a dry weight of 1,487 kg. The weight of the targa has not yet been revealed, as are the dynamic parameters. However, it will certainly be as impressive as the coupe. By the way, the targa roof panel is made of light carbon fiber and can be easily hidden in the trunk after removing it.

The Italians also emphasized aerodynamics, as evidenced by a number of amazing aerodynamic elements. The rear view is particularly interesting, revealing a massive diffuser with funky tailpipes, large bumper vents and, in the case of the coupe, an aluminum panel in place of the rear window.

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The car is equipped as standard with rear wheel rotation or a new version of the Slide Slip Control system, which is essentially a proprietary driving mode that allows you to drive in a controlled and controlled slide.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not disclosed the price of the new 812 versions. We don’t even know how many blocks he plans to build.