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Hezbollah's entry of Iranian oil is a derogation of Lebanon's sovereignty

Hezbollah’s entry of Iranian oil is a derogation of Lebanon’s sovereignty

The Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Ra’i considered that Hezbollah’s introduction of Iranian oil constitutes an “undermining” of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

After his meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace in Baabda, Al-Rahi said that he had “spoken in the past about Lebanese sovereignty.”

He added, “I said that the entry of Iranian fuel tanks under a security authority, the Syrian army and Hezbollah, is not allowed, and this is what I called a derogation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and I cannot accept it.”

living issues

On the other hand, Al-Rahi congratulated the Lebanese on the new government, saying that it “opens hope and hope for them,” noting that “the purpose of the visit to Baabda is to discuss living issues.”

Al-Rahi said: “Our hope is great that as long as there is a government and excellent people in it, there is no fear that Lebanon will move forward, and that life will return to the way it was, provided that politicians (interfering) in the government and ministers do not deal with justice, and also that the sects do not deal with justice.”

Separation of powers and religion from the state

He added, “The separation of powers and religion from the state means that clerics do not interfere in appointments, and that politicians should deal with their political affairs and not interfere with the administration and the judiciary.”

The talk about the non-interference of politics and sects in the judiciary comes in response to Hezbollah’s attack on the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion, in addition to the use of some politicians who were summoned to investigate religious platforms to respond to the judge.

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Regarding whether he agreed with the ministerial statement (the government program) for the new government, Al-Rahi said: “I am not required to agree, and we give full confidence to the responsible authority, and what concerns us is serving the country and living with sovereignty and freedom of decision,” noting that “the House of Representatives must organize Electoral law to exercise the right to vote in expatriate.

And last Thursday morning, dozens of tankers loaded with Iranian diesel, which Hezbollah had brought in from its main supporter Tehran, entered Lebanon, coming from neighboring Syria, the second shipment of its kind.