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صاروخ SpaceX Falcon 9 وكبسولة Crew Dragon على منصة الإطلاق 39A في مركز كينيدي للفضاء التابع لناسا في كيب كانافيرال ، فلوريدا ، 10 نوفمبر 2021.

High school students in Israel launch 8 satellites of their own making

The satellites were launched together from Florida, USA by a SPACEX rocket

In an unprecedented Israeli and global event, eight satellites were launched into space today, Thursday, which were made by 200 high school students from eight towns in Israel, dubbed “the world’s satellites.” According to the N12 website, the satellites were launched from Florida, USA, by a SPACEX rocket along with other satellites, and the rocket launched at an altitude of 550 kilometers, to take its position in orbit around the Earth.

These satellites are classified as nano-sized because they are built in the shape of a cube, and each weighs about 850 grams. Each of the eight satellites contains a small computer, an electrical system with small solar panels, and a communications system with tiny spring antennas that are supposed to open after entering orbit.

Also attached to one side of each satellite are reflectors called “retrograde reflectors” – small devices measuring 2.5 centimeters in size, designed to return the laser beam in the direction from which the moon was launched. Lasers projected onto satellites from ground stations, will make it possible to accurately determine the satellite’s self-spinning speed by measuring its reflection, assuming that the relationship with the retroreflectors will work correctly.

“The project allows students from all over the country to experience a high-tech project. It also allows students to learn about this world, what it means to start a project from the planning stage, to characterization, through the completion and testing of the moon, its launch, into space and its eventual operation ’,” said Elad Sagi, Science Center in Herzliya and system engineer at the TEFL project. “The big challenge in this project was to build satellites in eight centers at the same time, and to provide the opportunity to work independently. Not all of the teachers had experience in space, and we had to direct them, how to build a clean satellite assembly site. And in some cases they reached us.” To participate in a missile building workshop.

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The Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Orit Farkash Hacohen, who personally led the project with the Israel Space Agency, commented: “The project brings together eight local authorities, integrates Arab and Jewish students in Israel, enhances students’ scientific and technological knowledge, arouses their curiosity and inspires them to engage in this field.” One of the exciting programs of the Ministry of Science and the Space Agency in connecting people and people, and creating social change.”

“This is a world-class scientific education program,” said Space Agency Director General (Reserve) Uri Oron.