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طلاب الثانوية العامة يؤدون اليوم امتحان الجيولوجيا والتفاضل وعلم النفس

High school students take their geology, calculus and psychology exam today

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirmed that today, Sunday, July 17, 2022, high school students in the Scientific Division (Science) will take the exam in geology and environmental sciences, while high school students in the (Mathematics) section will take the exam in the pure mathematics subject “Calculus and Integration”. Students of high school in the literary section take the exam in psychology and sociology, and high school students (the blind) take the exam in the subject of history (second paper), while students of high school in (STEM) schools take the exam in the subject “Conceptual Measurements (Physics).

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said that the number of students applying for high school exams this year amounted to 707,992 students (scientific and literary divisions), within 2,089 traffic committees in each sector at the level of the Republic, noting the need to adhere to the instructions for exam controls announced by the Ministry, and work. To ensure that students enter the committees without any electronic devices “mobiles – headphones”, explaining that the concept book will be distributed to the exam committees before the start of the exams marathon, stressing the need to warn students not to write on the concept book and hand it over to the observers after the exam ends daily, because The student is not allowed to take the concept booklet out of the committee.

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