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High tensions between the West and China, the United States and the European Union announce sanctions against Beijing

The conflict between the major powers in the West and the East is intensifying: the United States and the European Union announced today that they will impose sanctions on China over repression in Hong Kong. Uyghur minorities.

The EU is sending a strong signal to China: it is not ready to compromise on the protection of human rights. 27 agreed to impose Sanctions To the authorities who abused Xinjiang Uyghur minorities. Brussels has not attacked Beijing since the 1989 arms embargo, following the massacre of protesters demanding reforms in Tiananmen Square. The Sanctions, European ambassadors have agreed to a visa ban and freeze the assets of a dozen Chinese leaders, and are due to be confirmed by foreign ministers at a meeting scheduled for Monday.

The United States has announced instead

China, “Taiwan will be reunited”. America “Do not play with fire”

On the other hand, European sanctions were introduced as part of extended measures for individuals and companies in Russia, North Korea, Libya, Eritrea and South Sudan. The plan is a new regulation adopted by the European Union that will allow individuals and organizations around the world to target human rights abuses. Navalny case is a method already implemented in recent days by beating 4 Russian officers.

As for China, many organizations believe at least one million Uyghurs and other minorities, mostly Muslims, are detained in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. Women are subjected to forced labor and forced to be sterilized. The allegations, triggered by a recent report by the University of China Nangai, were accidentally released and later dropped, claiming that Beijing aims to reduce the population density of Uyghurs in the region through massive labor transfers. Defined by many as “a cultural genocide”.

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Sanctions on China and serious allegations against Putin will not exclude Biden from strategic rivals the United States and its allies

Our correspondent Federico Rambini

Poverty alleviation is part of the fight against religious fundamentalism and terrorism (the region has witnessed a number of jihadi attacks in recent years). The expectation that the EU will tighten has caused irritation. ”

In a new race for the moon, Russia and China challenge the West: “We will build a base”

Presented by Filippo Chandelli

The Sanctions They assure the Uyghurs that relations with China are very complicated. On the one hand, the EU does not want to back down in defending human rights and individual freedoms, but on the other hand it has not given up doing business with Beijing. Evidence of an important investment agreement signed at the end of last year, after seven years of negotiations. In this weak balance, we must add US pressure on the Atlantic Allies to curb the dragon’s growing influence. After tensions over tariffs and repression in Hong Kong, clashes between Americans and Chinese took place precisely against the Muslim minority. Shortly before leaving the White House, Donald Trump stopped importing cotton from Xinjiang (one of the world’s leading suppliers). The Biden administration also raises the issue at its first high-level meeting with Beijing in Alaska tomorrow.