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التعليم العالي: منح دراسية مقدمة من المملكة المتحدة

Higher Education: Scholarships from the United Kingdom

12:12 PM

2021 September 1821

Books – Talia Sheppard:

Received d. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Kalat Abdel Kafar has released a report on the opening of applications for the Sevening Scholarship offered by the United Kingdom for the academic year, submitted by Dr. Ashraf Al-Assaji, Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Works. 2022/2023, fully funded by the Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development; A one-year postgraduate degree from a leading UK university is awarded to the best or emerging leaders in all fields of study.

The report points out that these grants top the list of university grants awaited by students worldwide, as grants are applied for through the following websites:Click here

The deadline for applications is November 2, for more information, see all the instructions and conditions for applying for grants, and to see to what extent the selection criteria for the program have been met through the following website:Click here

The report points out that this scholarship allows you to choose 3 postgraduate degrees from 3 different universities in the UK, with unconditional loading from one of these universities.

Scholarships include full funding from the Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development, postgraduate, tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and housing and airfare (tour).

It is noteworthy that the administration of the public administration in the Ministry is not responsible for any expenditure on these grants.